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A day for Brighid

Gaelic culture and religion.Posted by Rob Barton Tue, February 07, 2017 11:31AM
And so they came, to gather inside where it was warm.... at the hearth..... to stand together against the cold that was scratching at the door..... a heavy hammer of winter beating at the warmth.

They brought the things for a feast... things to share.... the open hand, giving one to another, food and mead. To pass things back and forth in that eternal exchange of give and accept.

In a dark room.... names were called and honoured... ancient names.... the names of gods..... a tiny flame was lit on a wick from Kildare..... then three flames lit..... in that small light... songs to gods and ancestors..... a song to Brighid.... songs to exalt ..... the women gather at the flames and they light more small flames until the room fills with flickering light dancing in the eyes of those familiar faces... faces of friends - of loved ones.

Waters were mixed.... waters of land... waters of sky.... waters of sea.... the waters of memory flow an we can see those faces that have moved on from this place..... waters are dipped into cups carved of ox horn.... the cups are passed and the waters are shared.... hand to hand... blessings are called..... the cloots are blessed as a priestess passes them over the flames - lips moving in a whispered prayer... the doll is placed in her bed....

There is a feast..... laughter..... stories.... mead.... joy..... Brighid is there...... then they each go into the night... take a bit of that fire and carry it out - spread it into the world..... Brighid steps out of the mountain and winter retreats.... and soon there will be that wonderful mantle of green spreading across the land.... with the colourful embroidery of flowers - and heather...

Was this long ago??? in far away land??? is this tonight - here???
Were they ancestors??? are we them???
Is this flame ancient??? is it new???
Are these the same waters flowing across centuries???

Yes, yes it was.... yes it is

Fill in only if you are not real

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Posted by yellowdoggranny Wed, February 08, 2017 01:25PM