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A new birth

Gaelic culture and religion.Posted by Rob Barton Thu, November 17, 2016 11:57AM
A little before dawn, just a few breaths ago..... a new child was born... her parents welcomed her in Irish.... her three brothers waiting for the news. Their family grows.... our Poball grows.... our people grow.

Gu robh beannachd nan diathan agus ar sinnsearan air a' phaisde seo. (May the gods and ancestors bless this child.)

Anail is breath..... breath is life ..... words are carried on breath and so, carry the power of life. With words - breath- White-knee quelled the storm. Words made up the contract with Eriu .... a queen - The Queen used words to incite the De Dannan to great feats.

Poems, charms, songs and stories come to us from ancient days..... each made of words - of breath ..... the key to many of the magics of the Gael. Our gods and ancestors spoke and sang the world into shape ... speaking the laws and giving order to wildness.

There is a song of our people which started singing itself thousands of years ago.... it is also a poem and we each add lines to it..... it is a story that tells itself into being always creating the world of the people.... always creating the people of that world. It knows where we have been..... it whispers where we are going ..... it takes us there.

In the ogam it is actually the first sound of anail the sound 'ah' that is associated with birth and is described as the first sound of a child..... and the last sound of the dying. It is part of that song that our people sing beside a birth bed.... a grave.

Birth is the most pure of magics... of miracles... blessings on this new mother..... blessings on this new father.... blessings upon their family, their hearth and home.

A new voice just took a first breath and lifted a first note..... picked up from someone who had laid it down. She will sing it now...... for a time.... Welcome baby Freya..... we have a lot to tell you.... and you have a lot to tell us...... as this great story continues....